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SAMPURNA, the Indonesian cuisine diner where small or large groups of friends and families meet to enjoy the excellent food, wine and the relaxed ambiance. Right in the heart of Amsterdam, for the past 35 years we serve all our clients with the same friendly atmosphere that is the trademark of our beautiful city.


Right in the heart of Amsterdam, we serve our carefully selected ‘rijsttafels’ and a la carte dishes. The secret of a good ‘rijsttafel’ is the composition of dishes, one complement the other dish. Love for our profession!

SAMPURNA kitchen reflects the diversity of the traditional Indonesian cuisine that continuously vary in taste and smell. The variety also comes from the seasonal ingredients that we use in the dishes.

at SAMPURNA we still use our traditional family recipes. If you want to eat specific dishes, you can always contact us so that we can cook for you on request.

Lobster and/or seafood can always be made in consultation! Please notify us 1 day in advance.